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  • 中秋节英语作文模板

    2020-09-13 19:14




    The night of the Mid-Autumn festival, bright, bright moonlight shines through the earth. Sweet moon cakes, watch the bright moon, there is a kind of thoughts come to mind...

    "Dad, you dare to game of chess tournament with me?" I beg for my father. "No free time, I was watching TV!" Dad mouth said. "You don't say you don't have enough time. You don't but I," I goad to arouse defied him, he also promised to not? "Hey, I not the letter, and his mother, array." Dad defy spirit ground say. "Well, let's kill it a faint one!" I'm happy to said.

    First bureau, I go first. "Single head shot," I set up a gun, "horse," my father shouted. "Hey, I started to scare! No way! Humph! The car." I'm not far behind. After several rounds of gunfire, I for dad to a "general", ha ha, this time dad on the positions of the hands and feet, I do not know how to guard against, anxious, he take a step back and "like". "Ha ha, you fall for it!" I use a horse straight at his camp, and gave him a general "horse". "You can't escape this time!" I said to myself. But dad after every thinking to run with his "gun" kill me "horse". It may not be able to, I'm anxious mood displayed on the ground. "Boy, this time you are loser!" Dad proud. "Hum, I can't believe this!" I am anxious, used his quick wits, for dad to a "double gun" general, this time dad brothers does not, had to hang a white flag to surrender to me.

    Mother aside say with smile: "it's green and is better than blue." This dish chess, brought me a great inspiration, added a little more to the night of the Mid-Autumn joyful atmosphere, make me a lifetime.






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