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  • 取消五一黄金周高中英语作文

    2020-09-17 08:10



    At present, the National development and Reform commission conducted a massive online poll. The May Day Golden Week will be cut from three days to one day.

    Different people have different opinions. Some think that it is necessary to cut the May Day Golden Week. Although our holiday is shorter, we add three traditional holidays to make our traditional culture understood. Secondly, the shortened May Day can reduce the pressure of holiday resorts, and lead to less pollution and fewer accidents as well. Besides, there can be more chances for people to get together with their family.

    While others don’t think so. There is no doubt that the traffic will be heavier if the measure is taken. And people working far feom their hometowns will have few chances to go back. To make matters worse, people’s holiday with salary can’t be guaranteed.

    In my opinion, cutting the May Day Golden may be a good beginning to remind the youth of our history and culture. Only by understanding our culture better do we love our country more.

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